Vulnerable Strength

Jade Kondal’s work is a profound exploration of grief, trauma, self-discovery and connection; expressed through the medium of jewellery. Drawing visual inspiration from architecture, Jade interplays line, form, and negative space. Her sculptural jewellery seeks to balance bold elegance with striking contrasts; creating a narrative which resonates deeply with the wearer.

Through development of reflective practice, Jade’s work traverses themes of unity, love, turmoil, and togetherness. This body of degree work delves into grief of self; unpacking personal traumas to embrace complexity of human relationships. Each modular piece reflects a journey toward wholeness, revealing both the strength and fragility of our most vulnerable connections.

Jade believes that something simple for one can be complex for two. This statement
encapsulates the essence of her work: highlighting how individual experiences
intertwine to create rich, multifaceted relationships.
Her jewellery captures the delicate balance between strength and vulnerability, illustrating how our personal connections can simultaneously root and uplift us.

Through her wearable yet sculptural jewellery, Jade creates a tacit dialogue that invites viewers to reflect on their own love, growth, and connection.
Jade intends others to find a sense of unity and understanding through the engagement of her work; enabling viewers to embrace the beauty and complexity of human experience.

Strength & Fragility

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